3rd Real World Evidence and Data Insights Conference

3rd Real World Evidence and Data Insights Conference

An Online and Fully Engaged Event

3rd Real World Evidence and Data Insights Conference

Date of Event: October 8, 2020

Location: Online

This conference will help you better understand and develop strategies for streamlining RWE & RWD collection and usage in order to ensure patient safety, satisfy regulatory compliance, and improve decision making.

Patients, Privacy and Competitive Advantage

Thursday, October 8th at 9:00 am ET

Presenters: Sarah Lyons, General Manager, Privacy Analytics and Ben Hughes SVP, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Real World Data (RWD), IQVIA

How effective is your organization at leveraging data across the entirety of the drug development cycle?

This session considers how safe data strategies can fuel competitive advantage and improvements in patient treatment, starting with disease detection.

We’ll dissect today’s dynamic business environment and expose foundational privacy capabilities to fuel innovation while protecting brand trust.

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Sarah helps Privacy Analytics’ clients earn trust and execute on their use priorities. Her career has often involved developing and implementing innovative risk assessment methodologies for governments and Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with decision makers at the highest level to identify and address financial, political and/or reputational risk before any harm could be done to the organization. Her previous roles include Partner and National Privacy Services Leader at MNP LLP, COO of A Hundred Answers Inc., and IT Risk Advisory Practice Lead for Ernst & Young Ottawa.

Sarah Lyons

Head of Privacy Analytics

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