Privacy Analytics partners with Vivli to enhance access to clinical trials data

Privacy Analytics partners with Vivli to enhance access to clinical trials data

Groundbreaking access to clinical trials data via our Vivli partnership

Privacy Analytics is pleased to partner with Vivli: a new, groundbreaking digital platform where researchers can request and analyze clinical trial data sets in a secure research environment.

Vivli has evolved from a project of The MRCT (Multi-Regional Clinical Trials) Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard, designed to enhance access to clinical trials data by promoting data sharing and transparency. In 2013, the MRCT Center and a diverse group of global stakeholders embarked on a mission to define, design and launch a solution to global clinical trial data sharing.

Vivli is a non-profit organization that is establishing a global data-sharing and analytics platform to serve all elements of the international research community:

  • As a neutral broker between data contributor, data user, and the wider data sharing community
  • Vivli is establishing an independent data repository, in-depth search engine and a cloud-based analytics platform, working to provide the platform as well as harmonize the governance, policy and processes to make sharing data easier
  • The ultimate aim of Vivli is to advance human health from the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing clinical research.

In July 2018, Vivli announced a collaboration with Privacy Analytics to offer anonymization services to individuals and organizations who wish to share clinical data on the Vivli platform.

Enable clinical data sharing to develop new discoveries improving human health

“This collaboration will enable Vivli to meet the needs of a broad base of data contributors, by lowering one of the significant barriers to sharing sensitive health care data,” said Vivli Executive Director Rebecca Li. “Vivli allows sharing of clinical data sets regardless of the sponsor or therapeutic area, and by working with Privacy Analytics, we will open the Vivli platform to many data contributors previously unable to share their data as they were unable to anonymize their data.”

“Privacy Analytics is eager to offer their services to Vivli Members,” said Khaled El Emam, CEO of Privacy Analytics. “Privacy Analytics’ anonymization services are a proven, responsible way to unlock the value of health data like the clinical data sets shared on the Vivli platform. By working with Vivli Members and other data contributors, we can help them to meet their data sharing requirements responsibly and cost effectively while also driving scientific breakthroughs.”

In collaboration with Privacy Analytics, Vivli is driving forward the use of emerging technologies to promote and enable clinical data sharing, with the goal of developing new discoveries to improve human health.

For information, visit Vivli on the web:

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