Thomas Clarke

Thomas Clarke,

Director of Product Management, Implementation and Support

Thomas Clarke is constantly re-evaluating Privacy Analytics’ solution development and service delivery. This ensures we continue to address both the technical and business needs of our clients as the data anonymization marketplace continues to evolve.

His team collaborates with each client through their entire journey with Privacy Analytics, including product ideation, creation, implementation and support.

Thomas knows first-hand what it means to be in the client’s shoes. Before joining our team, he worked with a medical device maker and a pharmaceutical company. Both struggled with the same challenges – making effective use of their vast data lakes to drive business development and growth and improve patient outcomes without violating privacy laws.

Those experiences led Thomas to appreciate how his team must engage in a cross-functional way with new prospects and existing clients, to fully understand the outcomes they are trying to achieve as well as the pain points they need to solve. Only then can Thomas and his team recommend a data privacy solution that takes into consideration the entire data flow, technology scale and privacy regulations.
Thomas’ work often involves situations where a client must establish trust with a third-party to obtain data for its own internal research and product development activities. One example is a medical device maker that needs to capture device data from hospital operating rooms. This data must then be linked to other relevant data (e.g., from medical record systems) to help improve device efficiencies or defend marketing and product claims. Thomas and his team will assist the client to implement our Eclipse software and anonymize this data at scale with audible proof of compliance across global jurisdictions.
With other clients, Thomas and his team will speed up access to data for research and innovation at an aggregate level to improve healthcare service delivery. The challenge here is to develop and apply the tools that ensure privacy requirements are met while delivering the data utility required by each specific group of researchers.
“Building consumer trust will be crucial as brands bring to market new technologies that make use of personal data,” Thomas says. “The future will belong to those that take data privacy seriously – the need to prioritize data privacy as a competitive advantage should be embedded within a company’s culture.”

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