Sarah Lyons

Sarah Lyons,

Head of Privacy Analytics

Sarah helps Privacy Analytics’ clients earn trust and execute on their use priorities. She is the guiding hand for all our teams.

Sarah ensures our clients have the practical solutions that will support their service delivery, spur innovation and drive growth.

Sarah served as an external consultant over many years to help develop Privacy Analytics’ core methodology before joining us full time in 2017. Her previous roles include Partner and National Privacy Services Leader at MNP LLP, COO of A Hundred Answers Inc., and IT Risk Advisory Practice Lead for Ernst & Young Ottawa.

Her career has often involved developing and implementing innovative risk assessment methodologies for governments and Fortune 500 companies. She worked with decision makers at the highest level to identify and address financial, political and/or reputational risk before any harm could be done to the organization.

This expertise makes Sarah uniquely qualified to ensure that Privacy Analytics remains in lockstep with the priorities of our clients as their needs continue to evolve. She regularly engages in frank discussions with global leaders in healthcare, pharma and other industries increasingly impacted by privacy regulation.

Take, for example, a large pharmaceutical company that wanted to integrate different types of datasets for analytics as part of a real-world evidence strategy. Sarah led a consulting group that developed the strategy, the roadmap and the support for this client’s program to ensure privacy requirements were clearly understood and met.

Her greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the success of complex projects that have tight deadlines and unique challenges, such as with the flow or volume or sensitivity of the data in question, and that involve multiple stakeholders with competing agendas. Drawing on her consulting background, she thrives on creating the “cross-functional cohesion” to get everyone pulling in the same direction to achieve the seemingly impossible.

This was evident with a client in the utility sector that wanted to use residential smart meter data for more informed policy development and to create more effective programs for energy conservation. Here, Sarah led the effort to negotiate practical privacy considerations, technical needs and the public’s privacy concerns to arrive at a viable way forward.

“We make privacy practical so you can focus on the business results that matter to you,” Sarah said. “It’s not just the talent and expertise of our team, but the way we come together to solve your toughest problems with humility and professionalism.”

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