Sarah Balay

Sarah Balay,

Senior CTT Analyst

Sarah Balay is a technical lead with Privacy Analytics’ Clinical Trial Transparency (CTT) business unit. In this role, she is a guiding hand for one of our most complex and demanding pharmaceutical client engagements.

This program involves the anonymization of structured and unstructured data for over 800 clinical trials. Sarah leads the anonymization of unstructured data with a dedicated team of 12 analysts who process tens of thousands of pages of documents every month. This program is just one example of the scale and complexity of the projects the CTT team handles on behalf of trial sponsors.

Recognized as an expert in her field, Sarah is part of the PHUSE Data Transparency Leadership team. PHUSE is a not-for-profit, global society of clinical data scientists that has become the industry voice to regulatory agencies and standards bodies such as the FDA, EMA & CDISC.

Sarah joined Privacy Analytics in the earliest days of CTT – the first of many external hires to build the team. Numerous skills gained during her PhD work at the University of Ottawa – problem solving, multi-tasking and keen attention to detail – proved ideal to help parlay our expertise in data anonymization into the new field of CTT.

Her expertise and work ethic have helped to shape our CTT methodology and the toolsets that enable our team to meet clients’ most stringent deadline requirements. This one program of our CTT practice can routinely process 35 or more studies a month with accurate and reliable results clients can trust.

While Sarah’s role revolves around anonymization of data, the client relationship is equally important. She and her colleagues don’t hesitate to sit down with clients face-to-face to help them understand the regulatory requirements for CTT that have emerged in Europe and North America, the pros and cons of the various methods of anonymization, and the rationale for our recommended approach. To ensure project success, Sarah puts the emphasis on cross-functional team collaboration with the client.

“You can only go so far on your reputation,” Sarah says. “We really have to prove to each client the value of what we do to earn their trust. Everything we do is about building that long-term relationship with each and every client.”

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