Aziz Khanchi

Aziz Khanchi,

CTT Analyst

Aziz Khanchi applies his extensive background in mathematics, machine learning and predictive analytics to solve the real-world data challenges faced by our clients. He knows first-hand what it means to be in the client’s shoes, having worked at Health Canada to analyze anonymized data.

He works with clients and datasets from a variety of industries but takes particular pride in his accomplishments with our Clinical Trial Transparency (CTT) business unit.

Here Aziz applies our proven methodology to the complex world of clinical trial structured data on behalf of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trial data can include thousands of variables within tens of datasets. All of it must be identified, classified and anonymized to ensure privacy is protected while preserving the utility of the data for further research intended to improve patient health.

Automating much of these processes is key to meet both the deadlines and the budgets of our CTT clients. Aziz collaborated with our engineering team to develop Eclipse Trials. This is the first commercial-scale software platform of its kind for CTT that also helps our pharma clients derive insight from clinical data for drug differentiation and other business outcomes.

Aziz made this possible thanks to his tireless efforts over the years to develop our rigorous guidelines, automation tools and processes. These continue to drive Privacy Analytics’ business and ensure the best possible solutions for our clients today. They form a rock-solid foundation on which our company can expand its capabilities to address the data privacy needs of organizations beyond healthcare.

Aziz continues to work hand-in-hand with clients. He carries out on-site training and troubleshooting to ensure their privacy and business needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

“We are enabling multinational organizations to safely share volumes of sensitive data and documentation that they never would or could have a decade ago,” Aziz said. “This has a huge impact on transparency and further research that will benefit everyone.”

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