Software to Anonymize Text

Extract & Anonymize Unstructured Data

Turn unstructured health data
into insight

Need to extract key data elements from unstructured health data for machine learning, AI, or analytics? Health data typically needs to be anonymized before these secondary uses, and the bar for privacy is high with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

A single data privacy solution for unlocking value in unstructured health data

By combining the best-in-class extraction power of Like Privacy Analytics, Linguamatics is an IQVIA company.Linguamatics’ Linguamatics’ NLP is an agile and interactive text mining application for the extraction and analysis of information.

Because of its underlying Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the Linguamatics platform is particularly strong in its ability to answer a wide range of questions, from apparently simple open queries to questions that need advanced linguistic analytics.
NLP platform
and the industry-leading data anonymization capabilities of Privacy Analytics’ Eclipse software automates the transformation of sensitive information at scale to meet your privacy, compliance and business requirements.Privacy Analytics’ Eclipse software, you get a validated, end-to-end privacy solution.

NLP + De-ID lets you extract and use unstructured data from:

Electronic health records

Medical devices

Clinical notes and discharge summaries

Other health data sources

Drive innovation and help advance medical research

The unstructured data you extract from clinical notes can be critical to deriving new insights or enabling machine learning to expedite innovation and knowledge in many industries.

Accessing key data elements, like drug names, diagnosis, or adverse events, from unstructured formats (and linking with other structured data) is a powerful way to improve your existing reporting, machine learning, or AI application.

Having a single data privacy solution helps you drive enhanced analysis and gives you the most complete, ‘360-degree’ view of your data subjects while ensuring their privacy is properly protected.

From unstructured PHI to high-utility, structured, anonymized data

Linguamatics’ NLP platform extracts and transforms key data elements needed for clinical research or analysis.



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The data, from unstructured sources like clinical notes, is put into a table.



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Privacy Analytics’ anonymization software, Eclipse, transforms your sensitive data to reduce the likelihood of people being identified directly or indirectly



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Safe and compliant data is delivered to the highest possible standard while preserving data utility.



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Gain efficiency, privacy protection, and the richest possible data

Unlike format-preserving detect & suppress solutions, which can require added overhead to achieve sufficient privacy assurance, our software streamlines the extraction of data you actually need for analysis with auditable proof of privacy protection. This will save you overhead and, ultimately, provide you the best data utility and overall end-to-end anonymization solution.

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