The State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics

A comprehensive and informative survey on data sharing, protection and analytics in healthcare – get your copy today!

What’s the Risk?

Six ways Privacy Officers can limit risk exposure when sharing or monetizing data assets.

Avoid the Blur of Data Masking

Don’t blur the lines between data masking and real de-identification; learn more in this Privacy Analytics white paper.

Safe Harbor Versus The Statistical Method

Understand more about the key differences between Safe Harbor and the Statistical Method under HIPAA’s privacy rule in this white paper.

How to Safeguard PHI

Learn the right way to responsibly safeguard PHI – while unlocking its potential for secondary purposes – in this Privacy Analytics white paper.

Top 5 Drawbacks to Using Only Data Masking

Find out more about the top 5 drawback to using only data masking on health data in this Privacy Analytics white paper.

The Definitive Guide to De-identification

The Definitive Guide to De-identification is your resource to gaining further insight into unlocking health data for analysis.

De-identification 401

An Optimal Approach to Data De-identification Critics who question the value of de-identification often overlook the quality of the de-identification process. The…

De-identification 301

Three Adversaries Who Could Attack Your Data Data breaches and re-identification attacks compromise the personal privacy of individuals and both are on…

De-identification 201

De-identification 201 builds on the fundamentals of health data de-identification.

De-identification 101

De-identification 101, your primer on protecting health information (PHI).

De-identification Protocols

Gain further insight into de-identification protocols with this Privacy by Design/Privacy Analytics white paper.

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