Webinar: De-identification 201

Standards and Regulations for Responsible De-Identification

Sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) for research and analytics is becoming a reality. Many organizations need to unlock the value of their health data for secondary purposes, but know the risks are high. The Institute of Medicine, HITRUST Alliance, PhUSE, Canadian Council of Academies and other standards-based entities are all in agreement; a risk-based approach is needed for responsible and effective de-identification.

Let the experts guide you through the existing standards and regulations when it comes to de-identifying PHI for secondary purposes. Minimize risk and maximize utility when it comes to health data. Sam Wehbe, Director of Marketing at Privacy Analytics, will walk you through these practices so you gain a better understanding of the legal requirements needed in a sound de-identification strategy.

This webinar was originally recorded with Health Data Management on July 16, 2015.

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