Sharing PHI – Best Practices in Security and Privacy

The threat landscape facing healthcare IT is becoming more sophisticated. As theft of medical records and fraud rise, so do the controls placed on data. At the same time, demands for data sharing continue to grow. Risks are on the rise. Budgets are limited and under scrutiny. Key to this discussion is understanding how security and privacy can be used to protect healthcare organizations when sharing sensitive data.

Sharing PHI – Best Practices in Security and Privacy is a discussion of the best practices needed to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data assets and gather the necessary insights needed to prioritize spending and investments in these areas. It will address how privacy is complimentary albeit different from security and needs its own level of investment and oversight.

Featuring expert analysis from guest speaker Heidi Shey from Forrester Research and Pamela Buffone from Privacy Analytics, this webinar is a can’t miss for security and risk professionals.


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The Speakers

HeidHeidi Sheyi Shey – Senior Analyst

Heidi serves Security & Risk Professionals in solutions for data security and privacy and for security architecture and operations. Her research focus is on data discovery and classification, secure file sharing and collaboration, cybersecurity and privacy topics such as policy and regulatory concerns, biometrics, and consumer security. She also focuses on data-driven topics such as security spending and costs of a data breach. She is a team lead for survey design, methodology development, and data analysis in consulting engagements.


Pamela Buffone – VP, Product Management

Pamela Neely Buffone has over 10 years’ experience in the field of analytics with industry leaders Cognos and IBM. The focus of her career has been making analytics more consumable and easy to use, thereby bringing the value of insight and discovery to more people across industries and domains. Always a trusted problem solver, her career has been shaped by identifying and resolving significant challenges ranging from product performance issues to new product envisioning.

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