The IAPP 2016-2017 State of Data Sharing

The Privacy Edition!

The sharing of health data, once quite restricted, is now becoming commonplace in the industry. Organizations are no longer asking if they should be sharing health data, but how can they do so safely, and in compliance with the law. The question of how to safely share such vital information is at the heart of Privacy Analytics’ “2016-2017 State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics” survey. The answer from the research was clear: While health care analytics may be in its infancy, those involved in data sharing are eager to gain the insights and benefits of the analysis of shared health data. The survey provides valuable and useful information as a result of respondents’ answers, and the strong return rate demonstrates people are hungry to learn about best practices in data sharing.

This year’s key findings include:
•    Nearly 6 in 10 respondents lack complete confidence in how their organization manages data sharing practices
•    3 out of 4 respondents reveal that their organizations are using risky approaches to managing privacy when sharing data
•    Almost 1/3 of sharing involves the use of data sharing agreements: while legal and technical responsibilities may be in place, privacy controls may not
•    Breaches are the number one barrier to sharing data, followed closely by low staff knowledge
•    Almost 1/4 respondents indicated their organizations were using risk-based de-identification

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