Improving Health IT Act Potential to Assist ‘Moon shot’

As the US prepares for the upcoming presidential election, Congress will not only break for summer in August but will…

Methods for Risk-based De-id of CSRs

Clinical study reports have a wealth of insight – unlock it with a risk-based de-identification strategy. This webinar explores how to accomplish this.

What does Anonymization mean?

Understanding this key term could be crucial to driving the success of your de-identification practices The term anonymization comes up…

Webinar: De-identification 201

Let the experts guide you through the existing standards and regulations when it comes to de-identifying PHI for secondary purposes. Minimize risk and maximize utility when it comes to health data.

Best-practice guides for de-identification

One the most frequent requests I receive is for a recommendation of resources on best-practices for de-identification. Below you’ll find…

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