Safe Harbor

Why should I use Expert Determination over Safe Harbor?

You need to choose a de-identification method that will give you the richest possible data for the lowest risk. In…

Maximizing Data Value with Full GDPR and HIPAA Compliance through Anonymization

How to solve the privacy dilemma and get the win-win If your organization is focused on maximizing data value, while…

Fundamentals of De-Identification

You know why you need to de-identify, now get an idea of how When it comes to de-identification, a risk-based…

Learning about the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Understanding the differences between the two veins of the Privacy Rule Initially proposed in November 1999, the U.S. Health Insurance…

Using Safe Harbor De-Identification

When is it appropriate to use Safe Harbor? With the emergence of new standards and regulations in the field of…

Perspectives on De-Identification

Has your organization been considering de-identification? It’s not a simple undertaking to use Protected Health Information (PHI) for secondary purposes….

Does Data Masking Work?

Safe Harbor data masking looks like de-identification in disguise: don’t be fooled! We have often heard that data masking does…

Safe Harbor Versus The Statistical Method

Understand more about the key differences between Safe Harbor and the Statistical Method under HIPAA’s privacy rule in this white paper.

Safe Harbor Versus Expert Determination

The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides mechanisms for using and disclosing health data responsibly without the need for patient consent, or…

How to Safeguard PHI Webinar

How do you manage the risks associated with the release of protected health information? Based on a real-use case, Privacy Analytics will demonstrate the risks and how to manage them. From public to private data release, there is a more effective way to de-identify data.

Risky Business – Now Available for Purchase Online

Risky Business – Sharing Health Data While Protecting Privacy is now available for purchase online in paperback or hard cover…

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