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Learning at Scale: Anonymizing Unstructured Data using AI/ML

by Rachel Li, Ph.D. – Senior Machine Learning Engineer Unstructured data, such as medical notes, pose unique challenges with regards…

Advancing Principled Data Practices in Support of Emerging Technologies

Interview with Jules Polonetsky, Chief Executive Officer, Future of Privacy Forum “I’m an optimist when it comes to data,” Jules…

Is Anonymization Possible with Current Technologies?

On December 11, 2018, Rebecca Herold, ‘The Privacy Professor’ hosted Privacy Analytics CEO Dr. Khaled El Emam for an on-demand podcast about…

Making healthcare big data & AI work for everyone, every day: Business Brunch in Zurich

“Making healthcare big data & AI work for everyone, every day” was held on November 21 2018 at Au Premier…

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