Strata Rx 2013: “Big Data Meets Healthcare”


“Big Data is transforming and disrupting healthcare. The challenges and opportunities of this disruption are immense and exciting. “ — O’Reilly Media

Privacy Analytics – Making a Difference

Strata Rx 2013 is fast approaching. This highly anticipated healthcare data event runs from September 25 to 27 and promises to be three full days of inspiring, engaging sessions by thought leaders focused on making a difference with data.

With this event, O’Reilly Media successfully brings together healthcare leaders from diverse groups with the goal of helping them understand:

  1. How their organizations can leverage their healthcare data.
  2. How these organizations can leverage their healthcare data to create new tools and products.
  3. How they can share this critical data.

Privacy Analytics is proud to be involved in this year’s Conference and is offering two sessions: September 25 at 10:45 a.m. and September 26 at 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 | 10:45 am

Big Data Meets Privacy

Join Khaled El Emam and Nathalie Holmes in this thought provoking session.

    • The “Big Data” age has presented an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to use the vast amounts of health data that are being generated, collected and linked from multiple sources for secondary purposes—improving patient care and even creating new business models and revenue streams.
    • Much debate among consumers and privacy advocates has taken place, and continues to take place, around the subject of Big Data:
      • Do organizations have more information than they need?
      • How can the data be used?
      • What business value exists in the data?
      • What risks exist with the data?
      • Does the data need to be protected and how should it be protected?
    • Data custodians and privacy professionals are now facing the challenge of ensuring that responsible privacy and security protocols are in place to allow the ethical use of sensitive, private data. A practical approach to protecting this sensitive information is the use of anonymization or data de-identification.
    • As data custodians and privacy professionals implement de-identification practices, guidance on best practices and what other organizations are doing can be valuable.

In this session we will present the de-identification maturity model (DMM), which describes the five levels of de-identification practices that organizations typically go through. We will also provide case studies in applying the DMM to benchmark de-identification practices and to identify a roadmap to improve practices.

What you’ll take away from Big Data Meets Privacy:

  • An overview of the risks and opportunities with Big Data
  • An overview of a practical approach to anonymization or data de-identification
  • An understanding of the DMM and why it is important

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