Lexicon for Unstructured Data

Introducing Privacy Analytics Lexicon

Demand for access to rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data is being driven by medical researchers seeking new insights, regulatory entities requiring better reporting and transparency of clinical trials results, quality improvement efforts and pay for performance reimbursement models.

Privacy Analytics today announced the launch of Lexicon, the world’s only software that enables organizations to safely analyze and share large volumes of health information contained in unstructured data using proven de-identification methods to mitigate privacy risks. Lexicon gives medical researchers and data analysts access to valuable insights contained in unstructured data, while allowing data managers to safeguard personal information and ensure regulatory compliance.

“It is estimated that 80 percent of digital information, including health data, is unstructured,” said Pamela Neely Buffone, Vice President of Product Management, Privacy Analytics. “As demand for access to all types of data increases, organizations need an automated, scalable way to responsibly share their unstructured data assets for analysis in order to gain new knowledge, derive insights and drive innovation. Redaction needs to be re-invented to support analytics and data sharing.”

Those familiar with our product offerings will be pleased to note Lexicon is a re-invented and re-engineered version of our Privacy Analytics TEXT product. The improved Lexicon is able to use custom annotation types and discovery options for increased accuracy. It offers flexible de-identification options for repeatable masking and date shifting. And it has a highly scalable web-based architecture with user management and REST API’s.

Learn more by reading the full press release, here.

Download the Lexicon datasheet here.

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