Why We Need More Sharing of Clinical Trial Data

A record number of clinical trials worldwide signify important medical advances to come. To make the most of the data, we need better ways for sharing it without compromising the privacy of the individuals involved in clinical trials. The virtues of sharing may seem obvious: the more studies, the more data available for analysis and research. The number of clinical trials going on today is impressive, as is the volume of data produced from them.

Privacy Analytics’ Sam Wehbe discusses the need to share clinical trial data in the latest article published by Health Management Technology. His article, Why We Need More Sharing of Clinical Trial Data, continues by outlining how much available data is currently out there and the vast amount of benefits to sharing this data. Of course, with great reward comes great risk. Sharing sensitive data for secondary use can have risks and challenges not immediately knowable.

Ultimately, Wehbe writes: “We are entering a new era where access to valuable new streams of clinical trial data is becoming the expected norm. We need this data because it can help create treatments for serious illnesses including rare forms of cancer in adults and children. Because more data available means more risk to data privacy, there are solutions for protecting personal information that can enable much more data sharing and medical innovation. Once these solutions are fully understood and applied, we should see significant benefits to patients, enhanced public trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and faster innovation in the discovery of new medicines.”

Read Why We Need More Sharing of Clinical Trial Data here.

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