Health Data Sharing is Increasing, But Confidence in Privacy Security Lags

Real Clear Health has published Sam Wehbe’s latest article, Health Data Sharing Is Increasing, But Confidence in Privacy Security Lags. Below is a short excerpt.

More patient health data is being shared for approved purposes, with almost 57 percent of organizations possessing such data reporting sharing and over 55 percent increasing the amount shared. However, these same organizations lack confidence in their ability to protect privacy, increasing reputational and other risks if patient identities are exposed. These are three findings from the second year of a survey, released recently, of organizations that collect and store health data.

According to the survey, The 2016-2017 State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics, nearly six in 10 respondents lack complete confidence even as they increase data sharing and as the amount of data collected mushrooms. The good news is the number of organizations that lack complete confidence fell by 8 percent between the 2015 and 2016 studies. Nevertheless, those companies with less than complete confidence still comprise over half of all organizations surveyed.

Read the full article here.

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