improves the customer experience with privacy-preserving AI

How did an AI innovator turn its need for data privacy into an engine for business growth? (Spoiler: they doubled-down…

Tearing down data privacy roadblocks: 7 case studies

“Data Privacy can unlock innovation and revenue for your organization. But you need to tear down the roadblocks that encumber…

Case Study: ASCO CancerLinQ

Learn more about learning health systems and the work de-identification plays in developing new treatments in our new case study: ASCO CancerLinQ.

A Case Study with Sanofi

A scalable, risk-based approach to de-identifying clinical trial data: a case study with Sanofi explains how it was done.

IMS Brogan Case Study

Unlocking the Value of EMR Data for Advanced Research and Analysis, Better Health Metrics, and Product Innovation

State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

With a requirement to produce HIPAA compliant, Cajun Code Fest resulted in the State selecting Privacy Analytics to mask and de-identify immunization records, Medicaid claims and prescription data.

Ontario Cancer Data Linkage Program

Before using Privacy Analytics’ software, access to research data from ICES was complicated and costly. Now the process for obtaining data is simplified to submitting a proposal, developing a plan and waiting for the software to de-identify for the intended use.

Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network

By understanding the risks of re-identification and de-identifying personal health information, CPCSSN is able to fulfill its role as a provider of vital information to governments, physicians, nurses and researchers to improve primary health care.

BORN Ontario

Using de-identified data, BORN Ontario has informed program planning and allocation of resources for reproductive and child health programs, developed strategies to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections, and improved healthcare outcomes for new mothers and their babies.

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