De-Id Symposium: Jules Polonetsky and Neil Corner

In keeping with our commitment to bringing the De-Identification Symposium to the people, Privacy Analytics has two new presentations available.

This next set of videos from the De-Id Symposium features Jules Polonetsky and Neil Corner.

On October 21st Privacy Analytics was proud to co-host the  first annual “De-Identification Symposium: Preserving Privacy AND Advancing Data Analytics” with the Privacy and Big Data Institute of Ryerson University. The De-Id Symposium featured experts who championed responsible de-identification methods as the means to protect patient privacy and harness the power of Big Data for much-needed research and analytics.

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Presentation: Centering the De-identification Debate: The Need for a New Taxonomy and a Role for Ethics

Speaker: Jules Polonetsky, Executive Director and Co-chair of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)

Abstract: This presentation will re-frame the policy debate around de-identification and show how recognizing a fuller spectrum of anonymous and pseudonymous data can help overcome miscommunication and mistrust. It will also explore how and where this approach is already beginning to appear in practice.

About Jules Polonetsky: Jules currently chairs the privacy advisory board of Gigya, and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Cookie Clearinghouse, Frankly, and the Center for Copyright Information. He has served on the boards of a number of privacy and consumer protection organizations including TRUSTe, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and the Network Advertising Initiative. From 2011–2012, Jules served on the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

Jules’s previous roles have included serving as Chief Privacy Officer at AOL and DoubleClick, a Consumer Affairs Commissioner for New York City, an elected New York State Legislator, as a congressional staffer, and an attorney.

Presentation: Using De-identified Electronic Medical Record Data to Deliver Insights into Diabetes

Speaker: Neil Corner, Real World Evidence Lead, Canada, IMS Brogan

Abstract: This presentation will provide an example of how a database of over 500,000 de-identified patient records in Canada (IMS Evidence 360) is utilized to describe patients who have diabetes. The data is extracted using state-of-the-art software via a secure link. Privacy is critical to the use of this data. By undertaking sophisticated data processing the risk of re-identifying patients from the data is minimized to a suitable level.

About Neil Corner: He leads innovations at IMS Brogan and leads the delivery of outcomes data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR). His focus is on supporting federal and provisional government, academics, and the pharmaceutical industry in understanding and delivering health outcomes data. He is working on delivering outcomes from mHealth, integrated patient data and more recently using EMR to create interactive electronic patient registries.

Mr. Corner has a total of 27 years pharmaceutical industry experience in the UK, US, EMEA, and Canada. He has papers published in the areas of EMR data validation, real world evidence in the Canadian market, and customer relationship management. Designing and building integrated health data ecosystems to create outcomes in the world of big data is the focus of his research and development within IMS Brogan in Canada.

Mr. Corner joined IMS in 2007 as Operations Director for IMS EMEA, and then as franchise lead for patient data and medical data across 22 countries, leaving to relocate to Montreal in October 2009. Previous to his current position in Canada, he managed specialty offerings and government solutions at both the provincial and federal level.


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