Data Privacy Business Outcomes 6: global pharmaceutical

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical multinationals wished to establish benchmarks via the deployment of a third-party re-identification attack on a Clinical Study Report (CSR); and subsequently anonymize the data to meet and exceed standards defined by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Policy 70 document releases.

Scope of the engagement/key issues:

  • Enable the company to fulfill its privacy protection and regulatory obligations through anonymized public releases of clinical trials data
  • Provide comparatives between redaction-based and software-based methods; deliver the results to an independent third party who developed a comprehensive protocol for the motivated intruder test, which was documented in a detailed report to the client
  • Project was a high-profile initiative in support of the client’s stated mission which includes driving innovation in health care

Business Outcome: The project provided empirical evidence that a motivated intruder attack on the anonymized document did not yield any subject re-identifications, while demonstrating the robustness of the anonymization methodology against contemporary attacks. This led to further enlargement of the client relationship.

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